Monday, November 28, 2011

Sh*t my dogs have ruined

Sunday, November 27, 2011.  It's roughly noon.  I walk into my living room where our 9ft pre-lit Christmas tree was suppose to be sitting in its box...only to find a shredded box and pieces of the lights from the bottom of the tree.  One limb hung out from what was left of the box with two exposed wires. 

I was done.  That was the last straw in a HUGE pile of straws.  That moment started my tirade of accounting for each and every item, moment, etc. my dogs have ruined.  The list gets long quick, so I highlighted a few that are still in need of repair or replacement:

  1. My patio furniture
  2. My gray pair of flip flops: the left one
  3. The wall in the dining room
  4. Leggos: marvel comics
  5. My second gray pair of flip flops: the left one
  6. The wall in the front entrance
  7. Hubs recliner
  8. My black pair of flip flops: the left one
  9. Our couches
  10. Leggos: aliens
  11. My purple pair of flip flops: the right one
  12. More leggos
  13. The front bedpost on my NEW bedroom set
  14. My third gray pair of flip flops: the left one
  15. Hubs laptop power cable: twice
  16. My sunglasses...three pair
  17. The blackberry tree: before it even got planted
  18. My brown pair of flip flops: the left one
  19. The planters/plants on my patio...eaten
  20. Bam's pool toys...pop, pop, pop
  21. My running shoes
  22. Hubs running shoes, work boots, and Crocs
  23. Hubs belt (sorry hon, forgot to tell you about that one)
  24. Squirrel---can't replace that one.
  25. Baby moles
  26. Wood floors
  27. Any carpet/rug I attempt to put down in the living room
  28. Workout weights
That list is just a glimpse of the past 24 months.  If I go back any further I might end up running away with the few things we still have intact.  The puppies are all to good homes now, including our last little straggler, Hiccup.  He's living it up on the beach, running and shopping for toys today...I knew I made the wrong choice by sending him instead of myself!

Douglas is fat and happy being the baby again.  A little drooling on Hubs pillow this morning shows he is de-stressing after all the chaos of keeping up with the puppies and not eating them when he had the chance.  They got big quick.

Nixon is and will forever be the most awesome of them all.  He's my golden baby that just wants to run and loves lounging afterwards.  As long as he gets a treat and a comfy spot on the couch he doesn't have a care in the world.

Between the four-legged furbabies or our boys in their latest growing pains, sh*t will get ruined in this house. 

Here's a few pictures that capture the moment:

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