Thursday, May 12, 2011


I was driving Bam to day care this morning and a thought popped into my head that just made me laugh.  A friend asked me the other day why I always wear makeup and fix my hair if I am just running to the store, or better yet, for my job since I am in a line of work that requires me to wear a uniform.  Not much room for glamour in my day to day routine.  I simply replied that this (gesturing to my face) is what I show the world every day.  There's no reason not to feel good about myself when I am on the job dealing with the public, or running out to my mailbox and getting stopped by a neighbor.  Putting on makeup to hide my aging flaws and fixing my hair so it doesn't look like I just woke up is my way of preparing myself to face the world.  It's my war paint. 

What made me laugh about it this morning was the radio.  Listening to my favorite station the news guy came on and mentioned something about mugshots.  A flash of faces that I have seen in mugshots rolled in front of me and I realized that was inspiration enough to always look your best!  Imagine your face being plastered on the news or in a newspaper before you walk out the door every day and you too will want to look your best!  Another thing I forget to wear sometimes that makes a huge difference...a smile. 

So here's my smile for the day :-) 

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Stephanie said...

I always like to look good!! I don't do massive makeup every time I step out the door, like when I'm going to the gym. But I still put on concealer and some powder...little bit of eyeliner. I just feel naked if I don't!