Monday, May 23, 2011

The Extraction

My lips were numb.  Contrary to the average individual I preferred the pain.  That at least let me know it was done and over with.  The pressure in my jaw started to ease as I sat up.  My ear was ringing...or was that my phone?  I had set it down just before they knocked me out.  Behind me I could hear footsteps.  A deep voice, muffled at first, then clear as the door opened said,  "It's time." 

Unable to say anything coherent with the numbness I turned to see who the voice belonged to. Peering over a doctor's mask were those dark sinister eyes.  The same eyes that looked down on me earlier with a pair of pliers and a chisel.  I shuddered then took a deep breath.  No more pain now besides the healing process. 

A young girl walked in behind him wearing pastel scrubs and a smile on her face.  I felt a bit more at ease when she handed me a package of gauze and started telling me care instructions.  Then the bad news carbonated drinks.  My heart sank.  How was I to continue my day without a healthy dose of my favorite caffeinated beverage?

I left the office with a numb frown sure to turn into a pout just as soon as the feeling returned to my face.  Driving the mile and a half home I passed the usual fast food places, a convenience store, and the donut shop...mmmm, coffee.  Wait...COFFEE!  Low and behold my caffeine crisis was cured!
Ah, yes.  All is right in my world again today :)

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