Sunday, October 17, 2010

Ghost Stories

It's one of my favorite times of year when the weather changes to a crisp cool breeze, the trees drop their green for a shade of orange, red, and...dead. Nothing brings out the spooky like a backdrop of dead grass and trees with a chill in the air and a good ghost story to tell around a fire (well, a fire pit with Smores of course). I've heard stories from friends and acquaintances alike, but nothing gets the chill up the spine like experiencing a ghostly encounter yourself.

I'll share mine with you, but in return I ask that you post your comments in the form of a ghost story too :)

The year was 2002, spring time. I had just returned from active duty and happily settling in to our new home with my hubs and oldest son. The house was built in a new subdivision, barely cleared of trees and brush for all the homes that popped up years later.

Hubs was in the garage building me a bookshelf. I had walked out, closed the door behind me, and as I got halfway through the garage the tape player/radio that was sitting on a shelf by the door flew off and landed in front of me. Had I not ducked when hubs yelled out to me it would have knocked me out. Now you're thinking "well slamming the door closed could cause it to fall"...yes, but it didn't fall and I didn't slam the door. It was well after the door was closed and "falling" outwards 20 feet to land in front of me would take someone or something throwing it.

The follow up incidents to this is what made me want to sell and move. Hubs was asleep in our room across the house, our oldest was asleep down the hall from our office, and I was up working on school work in the office. All of a sudden I hear the living room TV turn on. I walked in thinking hubs had gotten up only to find the remote sitting on the arm of the recliner and no one around. I turned it off, threw the remote on the cushion of the couch and started to walk out. The TV came on again. I turned around, slowly as every horror scene of Poltergeist ran through my head, to see the remote sitting back on the arm of the recliner and the channels change before it shut off again. I slept like a baby that night...nearly wetting myself and crying for my momma!

A couple nights went by and hubs and I were lying in bed watching TV when we saw a very tall figure or shadow of a person walk by our bedroom door. The way our house was set up and the direction the shadow moved was from our front door (our son's room was near the front of the house down the hallway also) through our living room and past our room to the back sliding doors. Neither of us moved. I asked hubs if he saw that and he replied, "nope, I didn't see the tall person walk by our door. " Yeah, we both jumped out of bed and ran to our son's room to check on him before searching the rest of the house. We heard our bulldog (Lou) growling and when we saw him staring down the hallway from our son's room he just laid down and kept growling...

Needless to say we moved.

Here's a link to a pretty cool site that has some urban legends, ghost stories, and superstitions to get you in the Halloween spirit: Urban Legends Online

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alyssa said...

when i stayed with you guys for that whole summer, i didn't have a problem with creepiness.