Monday, October 11, 2010

Annual Costume Ideas: 2010

Every year I try to put together a list of costumes that stand a chance at being unique for Halloween costume contests. This year is proving to be tough to top my ideas from last year. In case you missed them here is a recap:

  1. Roasted Marshmallow: Big white t-shirt, stuff it with pillows or foam fabric, spray paint brown/black flame marks on it, wear brown tights; you can also use a wooden dowel or real stick to put in the back.
  2. Jail Bait: jail house stripes (dress/shirt & pants) and fish hooks/etc. on a fishing hat.
  3. Calendar Girl: Get a calendar and pin the different months all over a shirt and pants.
  4. English muffin: Wear a size too small jeans so you have a muffin top, get a plain t-shirt and use a paint pen to color a British flag on it, and talk with a British accent. (seriously considering this one!)
  5. Hula Chic: wear a grass skirt and lei with a hula hoop around you
  6. Diet Dr. Pepper: scrubs, face mask, slim fast (any diet bar) pinned to scrubs, chili peppers (necklace/or pinned to scrubs), optional stethoscope (did this one in 2006)
  7. Arch Angel: angel costume with golden arches (McDonald’s anything)
  8. Blackberry: wear all black, use any type of plastic berries (paint them black) and hang on costume or as necklace, use pipe cleaners to make antenna for head.
  9. Redheaded Step-child: red wig, plastic step stool to carry/hang, and a pacifier.
  10. Ying Yang (couples idea): one wears black sheet with white dot painted on it, the other a white sheet with a black dot. (Did this for Bobbie and Erin one year!)
  11. Faux Pas: Any sweatshirt/t-shirt will do, just add fake fur in the shape of a paw (get it, paw/pas…)
  12. Teepee’d: Wrap yourself in toilet paper, add face paint like a Native American and a feather headband for comical accessories.
  13. “Yoga”: dress in yoga gear with a Yoda mask (this was funnier when I first thought of it).
  14. Bed of Roses: pin fake roses to a bed sheet, carry a small pillow or pin it to the sheet also and wrap it around you (also thinking about this one).
  15. Goldie Locks: wear all black, get the little gold locks and hang all over the outfit; a blond wig may help with hinting at what you are dressed as.
  16. Book Worm: use two or three sheets of poster board to fold in half (like a book--be really creative and write on it or paste magazine pages), wear a solid color as to not distract from the 'book', wear big fake reading glasses.
  17. Invisible Woman: (very easy) buy a sheet of cammie netting; when people ask what you are dressed as, wrap it around you so they can't see you.

New ideas will come as I compile the 2010 list. In the mean time add your comments for suggestions or catch some others on my facebook page! Happy Costume Hunting!

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Anonymous said...

Fun!! I can't wait to see what else you come up with. Chris said be teh Swine flu. Dress with the wing and a pig mask.