Friday, August 28, 2009

Off kilter, and sideways

Ever have one of those days? What about one of those weeks? Yeah, well it's been a month of "those" for me. Besides the recession kicking our rear, we've had one sick child after another only to be followed by a sick hubs. My writing group--the one day of sanity I get a month--met on the weekend that hubs ended up having to work the launch...that still hasn't launched after nine days. Not to mention I have been a single mom for those days as he is working 12's and sleeping 5's, if that, only to turn around and head back to work.

My classes started which gives me homework--no, I am not smarter than a 5th grader--which takes up my writing time (both are becoming a labor of love). Hubs wrecked the truck which ate a hole in our funds with the deductible in order to get it fixed. Work took a left turn on Stupid Street and is now heading south on Huh Drive.

My youngest son was up most of the night running a fever--here we go with the sickness again. To top it all off, my oldest son is turning 11 this weekend which means not only are we dealing with raging hormones and girls, but we are also getting old! I have three other obligations to complete by the 31st (today is the 28th).

So much more is going on, but believe it or not I do keep a great deal private. In the midst of all of our chaos and off kilter days, I am very thankful. I have a wonderful family, home, friends (that I wish lived closer!), and opportunities that so many others don't. Instead of getting knocked down when we take a step forward, we are now getting knocked sideways, which I suppose is better.

My ultimate goal, besides winning the lottery and chasing down my sanity, is to remember my purpose, my priorities, and why I am so darn blessed. Don't forget to be thankful and humble for what you do have, and stop whining for what you don't...instead get off your butt and go get it ;-)

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