Thursday, May 7, 2009

Live, Laugh, Love

The past few days have been a mixture of emotions for friends and family. Some of the events that took place had nothing to do with one another other than the fact that I knew a part of each one.

Live: When death faces us directly or indirectly we often wish we had more time, had told those we love just how much, had done things that we now regret not doing.

Laugh: We forget to laugh out loud, afraid of doing so, but laughter really is the best medicine.

Love: We often forget to say 'I Love You' to those that matter most because we are too busy making a living.

Just for a moment slow down and look around you. If you can find even one thing to be thankful for cherish it. Tell those you love that you love them, hug them a little tighter, laugh a little louder, and in doing all of this you might just live a little happier ;o)

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