Thursday, March 5, 2009

Murphy's gonna get it!

I'm so over Murphy sneaking up on me and playing his little tricks! I had every last detail of my work on our chapter newsletter complete and what happens? Murphy stuck his foot out and tripped me...again! I didn't break any bones this time, but I lost some important data that I needed to post. It is retrievable online amongst a mass of other posts, and I'm one-handed trying to type it. Fun. Copy and Paste has new meaning in my life. I've become lazy by doing it because it's just easier now that I'm down an arm. Ha! If only I could copy and paste a skinnier body on mine! Working out hasn't been, well, working out!

I never realized how much I use my right hand, even while running or talking. Seriously, try talking without using your hands. Go ahead, I'll talk with them and have someone judge the difference. It's hard!! I'm not a hand talker, or at least I didn't think so until I was in a meeting trying to get my point across and almost knocked the person next to me out with my cast.

Murphy needs to find a new friend.


Kristen Painter said...

Who's Murphy again? How much longer before your cast is off?

Marty said...

It is too bad you don't allow anonymous comments... I do not want MURPHY to find out where I am, I hate living by his LAW.

Loved the last line about the “cast" attack hope you get to take it off soon.

Sissi said...

Kristen, Murphy is the law that if something can go wrong, IT WILL! Especially with my lucky streak...bad luck that is!

Marty, if you leave it anon then I will be cursed with the "law" forever! :o)

The cast SHOULD come off March 31st. Depends on the x-rays. Yay!

Laura said...

I hate Murphy. He's an ass.