Wednesday, July 16, 2008

To What Extent?

There's this company...okay, the one I work for, and it's not looking so good. Some of our customers have shutdown for the month of July, and some have shutdown permanently. This has affected us financially which has affected our employee status...down to the bare bones basically. There's these employees...two to be exact, that don't necessarily bring anything to the table because their work is always done by someone else. Both of these dumbass-freeloaders, ahem, employees make a substantial income. If we were to terminate at the salary level again, these would be the most would think. Unfortunately, I see nothing coming down the pipe to the effect and I'm afraid that the company will crash and burn before they do something in time to turn it around. So to what extent; stay in for the long haul and pray we keep our head above water long enough for the ****** industry to pick up again, or jump ship and search for calmer waters in this chaotic time of unemployment, inflation, election year bullshit? Scary times... scary times.

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crystal said...

I have the answer!! Either A: win the lottery (I'm not having luck either!) or B: drill for oil in your backyard. Who knows what's gonna happen with us?- any company for that matter- so I'm gonna ride the wave til it crashes!:)