Tuesday, July 3, 2012

2nd Amendment, but not for Veterans?

Veterans 2nd Amendment Protection Act

For those who have served our country, sacrificed greatly, and received an honorable discharge from military service, but have since designated someone else to handle your affairs...this applies to you.

You see, when a veteran designates someone else to handle their affairs, such as financial or medical decisions, the Department of Veterans Affairs classifies them as "incapacitated".  The VA notifies the FBI's NICS who then uses the "incapacitated" classification to prohibit the veteran, and everyone else in the household, from owning firearms.  That's putting veterans who have done nothing wrong and sacrificed everything in the same category as convicted felons. 

The Veterans 2nd Amendment Protection Act (as explained in the link above) is a bill that will allow veterans to legally designate someone else to handle their affairs and still maintain their right, or household members right, to own firearms.  A judge or magistrate would need to order the 'no firearms' rule based on whether the veteran is a danger to self or others.

Support this bill and our veterans who sacrificed so much already to defend our country.  They should still be allowed to defend themselves. 

If you've earned every ounce of your 2nd Amendment, don't save it for a rainy day.  That's when you will need it the most.  With that in mind, I'm heading out to buy another handgun.  I have two hands, I might as well use both to "bear arms". 

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