Monday, November 28, 2016

A First Responder's Mission to Haiti

As I look back a few weeks ago to what our life was like, then fast forward to today, it's still one of the best decisions we made.  My husband was a part of the Discover Life Church mission trip to Haiti last month (October).  

Let me state for the record, I prefer helping the orphans and veterans in our own community before reaching out to a third world country. After the flood in my hometown and the show of support from friends worldwide, I've since realized that sometimes we have to reach out further in order to make an impact. **Brace yourselves, I'm about to open up a private part of my life, which pretty much never happens. It won't likely happen again in my lifetime so catch it while you can.** 

The reason this particular mission is so near and dear to my heart is because it helped my husband get over himself. You see, since he was laid off after the shuttle program ended he's held odd jobs (sometimes very dangerous high climbing jobs) to help keep food on the table. After some bad decisions, hard lessons, a depleted savings, and a depleted faith in humanity, we almost lost everything. He blamed himself, became depressed though he tried to hide it, and felt worthless as he watched me leave for work every day. When this opportunity came up last month he knew he had to go, but couldn't explain why. I knew why, and knew God had led him to it. My faith in that is certain. He had to see for himself how much he provides for us, beyond a paycheck and a home. Since this mission trip he's gained self-confidence and a greater sense of purpose. So much so, that two weeks after returning home he walked into a highly sought after employer requesting an interview and he walked out as a full-time employee. He's more humble and more grateful for our chaos. His assistance in Haiti seemed so simple to us, yet meant the world to entire villages of people in need. 

There's a lot to do in all of our communities. Reaching out to support other communities is just as important. This mission trip is paid out of pocket and with the help of fundraisers. It's only possible through the hard work of people willing to sleep on cots or nothing, no a/c, no clean water, and 'no' to a lot of other basic luxuries we take for granted in order to help those with even less. This fund is for our blessing of a friend heading over for the next mission trip with Discover Life Church. He's a firefighter, a first responder in our own community, and always puts others before himself. If you can't help by donating, please at least share this for those who can, and send up a prayer for safe travels.

**We love you, Dennis Greehy, and pray for your safety as you do God's work where it's needed.